SQLite Record Recovery

So, while working on my dissertation I discovered something I thought was of interest.  It turns out I performed a good portion of my project thinking such things as deleted messages can’t be recovered because of the iPhone’s encryption chip leaving any raw data unreadable.  I was not aware that sqlite databases do not actually remove the data from themselves, but instead must in some manner just delete the reference to the record somewhere.

Somebody has created a tool to recover this data, but is only available to beta testers.  It can be found here.  I’m quite fancying doing some research about this over summer and seeing if I can create my own tool. Wish me luck!

If anyone wants to get involved or at least throw me some info on this please comment or email


3 thoughts on “SQLite Record Recovery

  1. […] Because they have alerted the world to this database, Apple have announced they will be changing iPhone functionality to reduce the amount of geolocations stored in this database.  I do not know if this means they will be eradicating the file completely, or simply reducing the timeframe the locations are stored for.  Naturally this affects the effectiveness of my dissertation tool.  However, if they are simply just removing the data after a certain timeframe (e.g. deleting records after a week), then there may be potential for recovery (intended for my summer research). […]

  2. Ronald Perez says:


    I am doing some voluntary work for a lawyers office. We are trying to recover deleted sms messages out of an Iphone that could save an innocent guy to go to jail. I am an IT technician with some SQL experience, but now I am doing this work for this group of nonprofit lawyers.

    I wonder if you can help me with an utility to recover this type of records out of and Iphone SMS.db file, or if you can point me to a place where that can be provided. We are a non profit organization, but I have work on some beta test programs and I am willing to provide feedback if you have an application that can do that.

    Please let me know what you think.


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