CCTV Analysis

I have gone over research topics I could do my masters thesis on, as I am due to start my MRes (Research Masters) in September.

Looking on job websites, I found an interesting opportunity for CCTV analysts to travel around the country seizing and analysing data found on CCTV systems…

“The successful candidate will have the skillset to carry out multiplex and embedded time and data decoding, enhancement of video and audio data, comparative analysis, creating evidential compilations of clips and presenting the evidence in video and still formats for production in Court.

The candidate must also have the appropriate skills in areas of image science, the science of individualization and knowledge of photogrammetry.

Working in strict compliance with Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines the candidate must have the ability to be able to convert proprietary digital video to other standard formats whilst maintaining the integrity of the imagery. The candidate will be required to fully document all investigation processes, analysis and evidence produced. This will include the production of technical reports and witness statements for Court purposes.”

CCL Forensics

Personally, it sounds like an excellent job.  It calls for experienced individuals, however a question came to mind; how does one acquire experience in such a specific job without experience? I have yet to see a job which would train you in this very specific field. It was from here that I contemplated gaining the experience for myself by focusing my MRes thesis on CCTV analysis.

I feel it’s a perfect topic because there is such a large range of questions and subject areas to research.  Some of the current questions rattling in my head include;

  • How are CCTV systems configured?
  • Who are the market leaders of CCTV systems, and what file formats do they use?
  • How does one determine the footage collected is not falsified?
  • Determining correct dates to the video footage
  • How does one make digital copies of VHS video in a forensically sound manner?
This is just a taster of some of the questions I look forward to answering over the next year.  I am aware this is not a completely new field, but I have found myself generating a very keen interest in it, and the field itself is not very well documented.  And let’s not forget the potential for high-paid jobs at the end of it!
So if anyone reading this knows any of the answers, or knows of great books/websites/conferences covering this topic, please comment and let me know! You will be of a great help I assure you!

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